NFPA-20 Compatible Electric Fire Control Panel (Y.NFPA Series)

  • NFPA-20 Compatible Electric Fire Control Panel (Y.NFPA Series)

General Information on the Product

Fire pump control panels are designed in accordance with local and international standards to control and monitor the electric or diesel motors of fire pumps, which serve as the heart of the fire fixtures, for long years and without any problems. Fire pump control panels generally monitor the status of the line, and start the fire pump when they receive a signal from the pressure switch. They cannot be used to compensate for other water demands of the facility. It is important to realize and respond to the failures on time, such as congestion of the pumps as a result of non-operation for a long time, or any breakdown in the mechanical or electrical equipment. Therefore, they need to run once in a week and get tested. The test system is available in all of our fire panels.  

Technical Drawing (Project)

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